Bat removal in OH, IN, and KY

We have separate phone numbers and email accounts set up for you to reach out. Use the information below to set up an appointment with us and get the bat & guano removal work you need done.

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Batman Enterprises, LLC serving ohio, indiana & kentucky

Our team at Batman Enterprises, LLC is known as one of the leading providers of bat removal services throughout Lexington, Louisville and Frankfort, Kentucky as well as Indianapolis, Indiana and Ohio. 

Leverage our years of experience and rest easy knowing we can diagnose and remove bat problems in an effective and humane way. Learn more about our process in more detail below.

Protect your health 

Bats are more than just a source of physical damage to buildings. They can also be carriers for disease that can pose a risk to your friends and family! By getting them off your property, you can rest easy knowing that you are safe from rabies and other problems that could make you end up in the doctor’s office.

Whether you see bats around your property or you have a more severe problem like bats nesting in your attic, trust our team to help!

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