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Yes, bats can bring other unwanted invaders to your home, such as bat bugs. Bat bugs are blood mites that frequently inhabit bats’ roosts. They are closely related to bed bugs and survive by feeding on the bats. If bats are removed from your home and the entry points are sealed to prevent their re-entry, it is crucial to carry out a pest control treatment to eliminate any remaining bat bugs in the house.

Bats neither drink blood nor attack humans. However, bats have a defensive response when faced with threats. Bats do not engage in blood-drinking or human attacks. Instead, they resort to self-defense measures if they feel threatened by external factors.

Currently, Missouri is home to a total of nine species of bats. Out of these nine species, three are known to commonly roost in houses and buildings within the region. Among these species, the big brown bat is the most frequently observed species to inhabit structures.

The process of sealing up potential areas and installing exclusionary devices to prevent bats from re-entering involves multiple steps. Firstly at Batman Enterprises, we identify all possible entry points that bats may use to access a specific location. Once these areas have been identified, we thoroughly seal them off to create a barrier that makes it impossible for bats to re-enter.

After the area has been sealed, we then proceed to install exclusionary devices. These devices are designed to allow bats to exit the roost freely, but prevent them from re-entering. It is crucial to ensure that these devices are installed correctly and at the appropriate time of year.

During the summer months, specifically from May 15th to August 15th, the process of excluding bats from a roost is not carried out. This is because it is possible that bats may have young offspring in the roost during this time. In order to protect the young and avoid separating them from their parents, exclusionary measures are postponed until after August 15th.

Once August 15th has passed, the young bats are typically mature enough to fly and forage alongside their parents. This is the ideal time to install the exclusionary devices, as it ensures that no bats will become trapped in the roost.

By meticulously sealing potential entry points and installing exclusionary devices at the appropriate time, we can effectively prevent bats from re-entering a location while still allowing them to safely exit.

Bats serve a necessary purpose but can be dangerous and upsetting to deal with. You don’t want to suffer through the damage they can cause to your home or business. By leaving them alone, your property can be at risk of physical problems as well as disease. It is important to be aware that bats can potentially carry rabies, although the incidence of rabid bats is relatively low, with less than 1% becoming infected. If you happen to be exposed to a bat bite or scratch, it is crucial to get the bat tested and consult your physician promptly.

In addition to rabies, bat droppings may contain histoplasmodium spores, which can lead to histoplasmosis, a respiratory illness. When these spores become airborne, they can pose a risk to human health. It is essential to take necessary precautions when dealing with bat droppings or contaminated insulation. In situations where large colonies are present, professional cleanup services are recommended to remove the droppings and ensure that air quality in your home or business remains optimal.

At Batman Enterprises, LLC, we understand the potential risks associated with bats, and we are committed to addressing all your concerns. Rest assured that we utilize humane bat removal techniques that are highly effective. By entrusting our team with your bat-related issues, you can have peace of mind knowing that we prioritize both the well-being of your property and your safety.

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If you need bat or guano removal on your property in Eastern Missouri, trust the experts here at Batman Enterprises, LLC. Our team has been performing incredible diagnosis and removal services for years at residential and commercial locations alike

Whether you are dealing with one bat or a full on infestation, our team can remove them so that you can enjoy your property once again. Learn more about our process!

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Bats serve a necessary purpose but can be dangerous and upsetting to deal with. You don’t want to suffer through the damage they can cause to your home or business. By leaving them alone, your property can be at risk of physical problems as well as disease. If you trust the team here at Batman Enterprises, LLC, you can rest easy knowing that all your concerns are addressed. We use humane bat removal techniques that are super effective. 

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